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De acuerdo con la Política de Evaluación del FIDA, la evaluación intermedia es obligatoria antes de iniciar una segunda fase de un proyecto o de poner en marcha un proyecto similar en la misma región. Objetivos, metodología y proceso de evaluación. Se realizó una misión preparatoria del 2 al 12 de abril de

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Circe Maia comes to my mind along with the verses that give this crossing a title. Sometimes, the starting advantage is a casual encounter or banter that indicates a path towards writing; a route you follow not aware either where it will lead you, or which geographies will be visited, or how arduous or enjoyable it can turn out to be. The dilemma to face is whether en route for desert beforehand, to distract oneself — from what haunts us and as of the anxiety that emerges — before to accept the risk. I assume that only at the end of this text, will both the booklover and myself be able to absorb minimally some of the reasons designed for the impact these words had arrange me.

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Bet a todo amén. He's a yes-man. She's a friend of mine.

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He foresees low demand among Latin American nations for RMB-denominated transactions in advent years. January 15, Organized Crime after that Insecurity in Belize PDF By Julie López In this working paper, López offers an in-depth look at the security landscape in Belize, a countryside too often ignored in regional certificate discussions, but one which faces against the law challenges similar to those of its larger Central American neighbors. January 4, Peace Now? PDF By Roberto Cajina During the past four decades of the twentieth century, Nicaragua, El Liberador, and Guatemala experienced civil wars so as to differed in their nature, intensity, after that duration. What factors account for this difference? Was the upsurge of against the law violence an unprecedented phenomenon in the Northern Triangle?

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